Top Ear Christmas Grave Popper Zombie Rat Sculpture

Top Ear Christmas Grave Popper Zombie Rat Sculpture

This listing is for a dumbo eared, grave popping Christmas Zombie Rat. The gravestone has 'RIP 2020' carved on it.

The undead rise from the rat graveyard, (or rather the back garden) and want nothing more than your brains. Measuring approximately 5cm (2 inches) in height, on a 8cm x 6cm on the base, this little Zombie Rat is made from high-quality polymer clay and varnished with a matt finish - with glossy highlights.

The base is coasted with a light covering of model-making snow. This does moult a little (leaving a fine, white dust occassionally). It is made from minerals and is non-toxic, but please keep out of the reach of pets and children.

As handmade items, my Zombie Rats are all unique, and as such, they do not have a uniform 'factory' finish. This adds to their character.

Zombie Rats are posted in a box, packaged in plenty of bubble wrap to stop them eating the postal workers on their journey.

The Zombie Rat you will receive is the actual one in the listing.  (Colours may vary, from monitor to monitor. Please contact me if you require additional photos.)

  • Care Information

    Apart from a regular supply of brains, these guys need just a small amount of care and attention to keep them clean and happy.


    Taking care of your Zombie Rat:


    • Wipe them over with a soft cloth (microfibre cloths are perfect for this) when they get dusty

    • Don't use anything abrasive on them! They are sealed with a matt, protective coating, but they are still hand-painted ornaments

    • They are not intended as a toy – they eat small children

  • Unwrapping/re-wrapping instructions

    Please read these instructions carefully, before unwrapping your item.


    • I recommend removing the packaging over a large, soft area, such as a bed or sofa, taking care not to allow the item to roll off the surface.


    • Hold the item gently, as gripping too tightly may cause breakages. But make sure not to drop it!


    • Try and remove the sections of wrapping one at a time. This might take a while, but will minimise the possibility of bubble wrap getting caught between parts of the item.

    Re-wrapping your item:

    Should you wish to re-wrap, make sure not to pull too tightly with the bubble wrap. Temperature changes can cause packaging to tighten and damage may occur. Pop a small amount of bubble wrap or packaging peanuts between delicate areas, similar to how the item was originally wrapped.

    Any problems please contact me!





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